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Cuts to the Child Care Subsidy System Force Parents                         and Providers to Make Difficult Choices

by Katy Ham | Director of Early Childhood Policy at the Center for American Progress |


Most of us have heard about sequestration’s devastating impact on the federal Head Start program. Due to funding cuts, nearly 60,000 children were cut from the program in 2013, and some centers had to shut down classrooms or shutter their doors. Equally important but less visible are cuts to the child care subsidy system that have forced some families out of quality child care programs.


The government cut $115 million from the child care subsidy system in 2013 as a result of sequestration, exacerbating the damage done by years of funding that has failed to keep up with the growing cost of child care. Cuts to child care assistance have been largely absent from the national discussion on the impacts of sequestration, as they are difficult to quantify. Flexibility in federal child care funding allows states to set their own program requirements, including families’ eligibility, provider reimbursement rates, and health and safety standards. States can even choose to transfer funds from other federal grants into the child care subsidy funding stream, which can mask the impact of funding cuts. While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many children have lost access to child care, there are some troubling trends in states and communities across the country.

A spoonful of encouragement

Lori Buxton - February 2014



Winter cannot last forever...winter cannot last forever...winter can NOT last forever!!!  

WOW!  What a crazy ride the beginning of 2014 has been!  I heard on the news this morning that there is snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states and NO the state missing snow is NOT was Florida!  Bizarre!    


Children have been cooped up for weeks on end.  The grown ups have been cooped up with them.  Not a great recipe!  This is a great opportunity for us to really lead our teams!  It's so important that we be the laughter leaders, the perspective pep squad and the joy dispensers each and every day!  If you don't feel it, find it!  If you can't find it, call someone who will show you where it is!  Call me!  I'll make sure you leave with a bucketful!  


Spring is just around the corner.  I'm so very happy to report that it is 72 degrees and sunny today in beautiful Galveston, TX!   Spring is in the air...believe it and share it!  Thank you for all that you do!  You are ROCK STARS!


Be sure to visit our Facebook page,, where we can keep the conversation going!  Have a GREAT weekend and a PHENOMENAL month!    XOXO Lori B.

If you know of outstanding training opportunities in your area, please email the details to me and I will be happy to include them!  


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Training Opportunities 

Winter/Spring 2017


Saturday, January 28, 2017

WINTER PTAC  - Houston, TX

Preschool Teacher Adventure Conference

Windwood Presbyterian Church, 10555 Spring-Cypress Road | Houston, TX 77070 | 281.378.4080

For more information about this fantastic conference for early education professionals, please visit


April 27-29, 2017

33rd Annual National Conference, How Successful Directors Lead! - Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista

The is the premiere conference for leaders in early care and education!   With an opportunity to earn up to 15 hours of administrative training and to network with hundreds of your peers, AELL Nation Conference is a "must do" on your calendar!

For more information, please visit http://www.earlylearningleaders/conference

Lunch Time Webinars with AELL (free to members - $29 non-members)

Earn one (1) hour of administrative training

This is an easy, convenient  and affordable way to build your skills!  With relevent and well presented topics like "The Art of Delegation", "Where Did They Go? Slowing Staff Turnover?", "Legal Matters" and much more, your toolbox will be filled and happy!  Visit and click on Register for Webinars to see the schedule!






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