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Dear Financial Advisor...Hostage Negotiator...Therapist...Supply Clerk...Driver...Cook...Confidant...Diplomat...Janitor...Plumber...

Webmaster...and the list goes on!!!  


Been there; done that and have the t-shirt in a variety of sizes!  We really do understand the road you travel and the language you speak.  We want to help you realize your vision and goals in any way that we can.  We are passionate cheerleaders and advocates for the phenomenal people who lead in our field!  Here are just a few of the ways that we are working to make your job less stressful and more fulfilling! Remember...PROEAA is here for YOU!


PROEEA researches, collects and shares resources that equip leaders to bring quality services to children and their families.  



PROEEA trainers are qualified, seasoned professionals who have served in many areas of early care and education from classroom teachers to owners/executive administrators and everything in between.  They are frequent and popular presenters at local, regional and national events for organizations such as the Association for Early Learning Leaders (AELL), Association for Christian Schools International (ACSI),  Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC), Texas Licensed Child Care Association (TLCCA), Preschool Teachers Adventure Conference (PTAC) and many more.

PROEEA promotes networking with industry peers as one of the most valuable and accessible resources available.  We help local Directors start and maintain networking groups within their child care community that meet monthly or quarterly.



PROEEA works with many other agencies and organizations to provide a large canvas of services for the ECE professional.  We believe that we are all on the same team...TEAM CHILD and want to pool our collective experience, education and influence to promote the highest quality leadership in programs serving young children.



PROEEA works hard to extend the professional life expectancy of quality leaders in our field and remove the revolving door of employees in our centers.  We believe that this has a direct and profound impact on the learning experiences of children.  



PROEEA recognizes that some of the most important leadership takes place in the classroom. We take every opportunity to invite and encourage teachers to invest their talents and their hearts in this important field and experience the unmatched joy of watching a child explore and discover the world around them.


How can PROEEA help you?

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