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...for the Administrator:  support and inspiration

The simple truth is that early education leaders need more support and encouragement than most leaders.  The responsibilities and expectations of these special administrators are great as they center around our most valuable resource...children.   While we can trip over training and resources for teachers, it can be very difficult to find quality opportunities for growth for the ECE administrative leader.  


PROEEA purposes to both provide and connect you with those opportunities.  We offer one on one consultation, on-site training and periodic training events that target the needs of the Administrator or Director.  Additionally, PROEEA is a resource to faith-based programs, with team members who have the resources and experience to support the unique needs and address the specific concerns of the faith-based leader.

All training and information for teachers is not relevence or in quality. We believe that a child deserves the best possible early learning experience and that it cannot happen if those who directly impact a child's life receive less than the best training and education.


PROEEA provides and connects you to training opportunities for teachers that is both engaging and practical while infusing these special leaders with a sense of purpose and importance in the life of a young child.  Our goal is to create a harvest field of inspired, emerging leaders for our field.  






...for the Teacher: education and encouragement
...for the Child: a bright future filled with opportunity

The child.  This bundle of energy and emotions.  This beautiful mind filled with endless questions. This gift to the world who needs us to finish the race that we started.  


One of the most important ways that PROEEA can contribute to the life of that child and to our field is by doing everything possible to keep quality, invested leaders engaged and excited about early education.  We are continually looking for resources and ways to make that happen.

...for YOU...because you deserve the best too!

We are so quick to respond to the needs of others.  We direct our limited resources to meet the growth and professional development of our team and find that there's not much left for us.  That's our job and it's okay.  If we have to pick between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, we choose them.  It's who we are and why we are so valuable to this field.


That works for a little while, but eventually we must put ourselves at the front of the line. The PROEEA team works very hard to find and provide resources for you that are both affordable (sometimes even free!) and accessible so that you can take care of both!


Connecting you with retreat and conference events, networking groups and mentoring, we want you to have all that you need to take care of you!  We encourage and share creative ways to provide funding and opportunities for these activities.  PROEEA really cares about YOU!







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